Your Home, Your Design

Design Your Home

Your Home, Your Design

Do you see your future home reflected in a rich tapestry of wood and stone, of fabrics and finishes? Here at the Interior Design Studio, that is exactly what you will find.

Preparing for your Design Appointment

For your Interior Design Appointment, you will be invited to visit the Design Studio and consider the various finishing options for your new home.

At this time, you will meet one of our friendly and experienced Design Consultants that will familiarize you with the Design Studio and present you with a Reference Guide with useful information related to the finishing of your
new home.

The Design Consultant will tour you through the Design Studio and show you the various finishing options for you to consider. With so many finishing selections to choose from, its best to have an idea in mind for what you want in your home. You can prepare for your appointment by doing the following:

• Log into our online Design Studio, Interactive Abode, through your Homeowner’s Portal to review the different colours and finishes available to your home
• Collect images from magazines, photos, and online sources such as Pinterest for your favourite styles to show the
Design Experts for reference
• Bring along colour, fabric, paint swatches and other accessories to help visualize and design your home
• Bring as many pictures, paint chips, textures, etc. as you like to help you with your decision making.
• Think about your lifestyle and the function of every room. If you wish to use a bedroom as an office, for example,
you may need additional electrical outlets for your computer, fax and phone. If you entertain often, you might
need a kitchen island to create more counter space.
• How about additional lighting? Do you enjoy surround sound entertainment systems? Would you enjoy the
ambiance created by a fireplace? If you have children or pets, will you need carpets with stain
protection? Examine your lifestyle and imagine the ideal home you would need to support it!
• Our Design Consultants will be delighted to help you design your new house into your dream home.