Finishing Selections

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Finishing Selections

At the Interior Design Studio by National Homes, you will find a rich tapestry of unique and imaginative features that will take your home to a new level of luxury.

A new level of luxury

Imagine gleaming silver faucets, the granite and gloss of gourmet countertops, the warm glow of fireplaces, the endless array of flooring options from woods to marble, and so much more. Some of the finishes you can choose from for your home include:

• Cabinetry
• Countertops
• Faucets and fixtures
• Flooring
• Staircase railings and pickets
• Interior trim, doors and hardware
• Interior and Exterior Lighting
• Fireplaces
• Bright Ideas – Innovation and home automation package
• And so much more!
• It’s all here at the Interior Design Studio. And the only limit is your imagination!