How We Help

The new Customer Care program has been designed to make the entire home purchasing experience a positive one. A few of the highlights include:

  • The New Home Workshop: a seminar to prepare you for
    every step of the way
  • A comprehensive package of learning tools, including
    the homeowner maintenance manual
  • The National Care Kit: a wealth of information on how to
    care for the finishes inside your home.
  • Innovative framing walk-throughs
  • Detailed customer surveys to help serve you better
  • Homeowner Portal: a communication hub for all you need to know about your home

Home Construction

The construction on your new home is an exciting time for you and us at National Homes, and we want to make each step in the building process easy and worry free for you and your family.

Ongoing Customer Care

Your new home is protected under not only the Tarion Warranty, but the National Home’s Builder warranty and New Home Warranty. Refer to your homeowners manual to learn more about your home owner warranties.

Caring for your Home

With proper care and maintenance, your beautiful new home will be a pleasure to live in for years to come. Refer to your Homeowners Manual for information on items and a schedule of maintenance activities that will ensure years of enjoyment at home.